Give Me Your Cuteness, I Shall Give You Mine Own

Kids say funny stuff. In fact, Art Linkletter and Bill Cosby both tapped into this phenomenon and made a decent living out of simply talking to kids and presenting the things they said to the American public.

smiley bottomless G on sofaRecently I posted something on Facebook, because I thought it was cute. Thinking about it, I realized that there are a million little instances of precociousness, insanity, or just plain weirdness in the things that our kids say that permeate our daily parental lives that we could share.

Here is one of mine, but after you read it, I’d like you to think about your own funny, freaky moments and share them with us. Bestow upon us your thoughts and experiences in the comments, or send them to, and I’ll collect the best and put them in a post – everyone will get a link to their own blog or website. If you’ve got photos so much the better, but those will have to go to

When three-year-old G gets home, he takes off his shoes.

Then his shorts, underwear, and shirt, leaving a cascade of tiny clothing ascending the stairs. He likes to be naked, that boy. Have no idea where he gets it.

So he’s sitting on the sofa nude, one hand with a thumb in the mouth and the other on his perpetually tumescent penis, watching Bubble Guppies while I make dinner. At the beginning of the show the characters introduce themselves – “I’m Nonnie,” “I’m Gil,” etc., and I hear him chime in, “I’m Naked!”

A bit later I hear him chuckling softly to himself. “Heh, heh, they’re not wearing any clothes. They’re just chillin’ naked in the ocean.”

Perhaps it loses something in the retelling, but at the time it was very, very funny. Again, please share your own bits of childish hilarity, and we’ll all go along for the laugh.

D and G on sofa

11 thoughts on “Give Me Your Cuteness, I Shall Give You Mine Own

  1. Lol! Bubble Guppies..Your lil ritual sounded so familiar to me. I had written a post about something my three year old Z said that made me giggle yes, but speechless too. Here is a link to that short post,
    There was also another instant when while playing at the beach, an unusually large wave took him under water. My mommy panic set in and I quickly pulled him out of water to see him completely unflustered or scared. Instead he looked at me in glee and said ‘ Mommy, you found me’. Made me chuckle.


  2. I am in the habit of sharing little stories about my kids on Facebook so I went digging and came up with a partial list of stories from the last year and a bit and posted it on my own blog:

    Going back through the stories was entertaining and I realized that I was quite grateful that I had a record of them because I had forgotten most of them. Thanks to you for prompting us all to remember and share.

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  3. He he he, that was a funny read.

    My son Felix, farts a lot. Very loudly and proudly.

    It started when he was only three days old, newly brought home from hospital. My husband and I we’re sitting in the living room watching TV, and Felix was in the moses basket next to us, sleeping. There was a quiet lull in the film… and then we were both suddenly jolted out of our skins as a loud adult-fart trumpeted out from the cot.

    He’s still a very “windy kid” at 16 months. We’ve obviously cut down on the cabbage and lentils, but he’ll often let rip unexpectedly – especially if he sits up suddenly or strains forward to reach for something.

    He now finds his own bottom extremely entertaining. He’ll raise his eyebrows and grin at us, say “Kaka?” and clap his hands together in enjoyment.

    What can we say? That’s our boy.

    (I’d love to attach a photo, but farts are kinda hard to capture on film. I’ve emailed a few pics of Felix to your mail though.)

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing this giggle today x


    • Thanks, Johanna – glad you got a giggle out of this. I don’t know how deeply you’ve delved into FNFF, but it turns out we’re moving to Spain soon, so we’ll be relative neighbors. Hey, I’ve had a look at both your blog and your professional website, and I was wondering if you’d consider doing a guest post for us. I could be about parenting, travel, or anything you feel is relevant to our theme. Give it some thought, and know that I’d be honored if you’d share with us. Cheers!


      • Hi Matthew, thank you for your lovely reply. I’ve been following your blog for several months and the latest I read on Barcelona was how everything had been delayed by bureaucracy. (Oh how we related to that one!) Hope things are on their way now, not sure if I’ve missed any updates? Yes, we will be neighbours. We are south in Malaga, where my husband is from.

        Re the guest post, the honour would be all mine. Actually, I have a blog piece in the making that could be a fit. It’s my personal “Top 10 List” of important considerations for parents raising their kids in a different culture, eg. the child’s cultural identity, keeping in touch with the homeland, language, friends, schooling, paperwork, etc. If this topic resonates with you and your readers, then I’d be delighted to email it your way when it’s finished. But let me know your thoughts. What kind of a publishing date were you thinking?

        Thanks again for a super blog and for asking me.


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