This is Gonna Hurt Like Hell

This was our first post on our cancer blog. I’m sharing it here with my FNFF people, just to kind of keep you up to date on what’s going on in our lives. Hugs to everyone.

Another F**king Cancer Blog

“At least I know how I’m gonna die.”

My wife, Susan, wore a grim, glum smile, while I resolutely choked back silent tears that desperately wanted to shed their silence. We were sitting in a Korean restaurant in Barcelona, having come from the hospital where we’d just been told that her colo-rectal cancer had continued to metastasize and she now had cancer not only in her colon, kidneys and liver, but nodules in her lungs as well. Her doctors had decided to treat her cancer as “a chronic condition,” and we knew exactly what that meant.

Three years and several surgeries earlier, a different doctor in a different hospital had sat across a stark white table in a stark white room and reassured us that although my wife’s cancer had spread from her colon to her liver, “this is something we can fix.”

What they were essentially saying now was…

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