Cancer Roller Coaster

An update about a rather rough day. It turns out that they were able to drain Susan’s kidneys (well, one, anyway, but it’s enough), and she has lived to fight another day.

Another F**king Cancer Blog

I’ve always hated roller coasters. Even as a kid, or maybe especially as a kid, they scared the bejesus out of me. I never really understood the exhiliration or the excitement of careening defenseless in a screeching metal cart atop a teetering pile of steel-and-wood toothpicks, fighting the physical urge to puke fried dough on the people behind me.

The roller coaster metaphor has long since passed into cliche. “That was a real roller coaster ride” simply means that there were emotional ups and downs. Cancer for us has indeed been a roller coaster ride, but more in the sense that I have always experienced them. Wary tension at the beginning quickly escalating into heart-clawing terror as you realize there is a gut-punching drop immediately ahead, followed by a long stretch of hurtling uncontrolledly, getting thrashed about, then the long climb where you’re actually feeling pretty good – hey, look…

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