Clothes Sniffing and Other Stages of Grief

Here are some thoughts on what it’s like in the first weeks after a loved on has passed away. I hope they might prove useful to people experiencing something similar.

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It’s been about 6 weeks since my wife, Susan, passed away, and although I realize that everyone’s experience of grief is unique, there is probably enough overlap, enough universality, to warrant me telling you a bit about my own.

And to simplify things, for the purposes of this post let’s just assume that all loved ones – yours, mine, everyone’s – are named Susan.

So, someone you love has just died.

There’s a good chance, particularly in the first days and weeks, that you’ll do  something, read something, experience something, and think, “I can’t wait to tell Susan about…oh, right.”

The situation may be completely absurd, like when you’ve just finished making funeral arrangements and think, “I can’t wait to tell…oh, yeah.” This happens frequently, and pummels you with the realization that you will never tell Susan anything ever again, and really hammers home the impossible permanence of death. This…

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